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It can be understood that the package SEO service includes the costs to bring keywords to the TOP, this cost is a lot of work, but mainly the following basic jobs when a unit deploys SEO services package, Different units have different implementations, but usually for safety and sustainability, all units deploy the same denominator. You can refer to it to be able to deploy it yourself and know the basic cost of a package SEO service

Website construction cost: this is the case if we don't have a website, If we already have a website, there will be no cost, but often SEO units require the Website to be built on WordPress open source code, Therefore, there will be many cases of having to rebuild the Website. We consider choosing WordPress to build a website from the beginning and it is better to choose the same website builder and implement website SEO services.

Cost for Website Optimization: This is the first job before conducting SEO any website. There are many factors that need to be optimized such as meta tags, page load speed, title tags, images, page path... We need to optimize as much as possible in order to rank well, because of our competitors. The players all do the same things as us, so if you can take advantage of any points, that's good.

Cost for Backlink deployment: This is a fixed monthly cost, maybe units will deploy manually by creating social network accounts, forums, blogs or can buy from other units. The cost for this job depends on the quality of the website that places the backlink.

Writing content: Usually, the SEO implementation unit will deploy to write content for the website, but there are also websites with difficult topics, so they need someone with more in-depth knowledge to write correctly, so often in these cases the website owner will write. content, SEO units will come up with ideas and optimize the article. This cost is usually negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

The above are the basic costs of the package SEO service, usually the units will quote the package price and have a variety of payment methods to make it more convenient for customers.

Viet SEO service is committed to the top of Google

If SEO does not go to the top, it is definitely not SEO, although there are cases of risk (very rare), but units will have to commit to keyword rankings before proceeding and of course up to the specified time. if the number of keywords does not rank up as committed, the developer must refund the fee depending on the commitment in the contract.

It is certain that the units implementing SEO services must commit the number of SEO services to the top 1 of Google quickly, the commitment to rank also depends on each keyword, if the number of keywords is many, the commitment will be in part. hundreds of keywords to TOP, difficult keywords are only committed to the top 10 or top 5, easy keywords are committed to higher rankings.

Coupled with the ranking commitment is the commitment of time to keep the top, usually accompanied by SEO service to the top, then there will be a service to maintain the top. Depending on each unit, this maintenance price is usually 10-20% of the cost of SEO services per month. Or we can also maintain ourselves by performing tasks such as content writing, social networking, advertising, etc. This is an expense you should also consider.

SEO service with Google map

Currently, Google Map SEO is a new and more popular method, in addition to keyword SEO. Google map will prioritize displaying 1 prominent location and 3 ranking positions near you (near searchers).

Because this method of local SEO is new, few units deploy this SEO service. But due to the habit of searchers so far, they only click on the top content positions in the search, few people click to find out on Google Map, so with this SEO method, it is often implemented after the keywords have ranked. to increase the popularity of the Website and the brand.

Featured Google map: This is the location on the right side of the screen (on the computer), showing full contact information, introduction as well as services and products of the business. There is also a location map. This is a prominent position and only shows exactly 1 unit.

In this position, it will help the unit increase its reputation a lot, in addition, there will also be a small number of customers accessing from this location.

Google map top location: In addition to the prominent location, Google will also display the top 3 positions. Although these are not very beautiful locations, but if there are, it is still better than nothing.

The Google location SEO will be shared by us in another article, although it is not as popular and brings traffic as keyword SEO, but being at the top with the display locations will increase the prestige of the unit. so many.

Ho Chi Minh City SEO service with images

Image optimization is also a part of SEO, Google can't read the content on the image, or what your image is so Google will read the meta tags of the image on the website, title, name. image…To know what is the content of the image you are displaying. Therefore, optimizing images is also very important in SEO.

Although there are few cases of accessing the website with image search, optimizing everything when starting an SEO project should be done regularly and make it a habit. No one knows exactly what Anh Go needs in a website, but good habits will make us have a better thinking and strategy to push TOP more and more optimally. In addition, if someone clicks to see your image is searched on Google, then Google will count it as 1 traffic, which is worth noting.

How to optimize images: On the website we set the title for the image, the meta and also the caption (note) for the image. Note that these content must be related to the topic of the article, it is better to include keywords in both the title and caption.

Before uploading the image to the website (also a file on the computer), we rename the image to a name containing keywords, without accents, a space is a dash. Then right click on the image and go to properties -> Details, then we will edit the image parameters such as: Main title, subtitle, tags, etc. We should also optimize the parameters. this before uploading to the website (It seems to do SEO a bit too hard ^^)

In addition, to SEO Google Map locations as above, we need to optimize Geo Tag for images, this optimization we will share in an article as soon as possible.

Sustainable SEO service in Ho Chi Minh City

In order to have a high ranking position, the optimization, website promotion, and visits will help you quickly have a good position, so what if you want to keep a sustainable top position?

You also need these factors. That's all, we also continue to update the content regularly (the frequency may be less than in SEO), share it on forums, social networks, continue to run Ads or write articles to share directions, guide for more access. Just like that, your website will attract more and more readers, your rankings will be increasingly increased, not only with the old keywords. But also new keywords.

Thus, sustainable SEO is that we may take a longer time than usual to bring keywords to the TOP, but the SEO work is done carefully, surely and with a clear roadmap. Then there are the completely clean and manual promotion strategies. This sustainable SEO takes a lot of work and time, but the results are amazing. Website almost to the top overall dominating your business.

With a new Website, how to make SEO sustainable?. With a new website, it takes time and long-term strategy, initially we can push more articles and backlinks than one, the paid Ads are also more,
Quality SEO service in HCMC

Quality SEO service is a commitment to the right process, the right number of keywords to the TOP as in the original commitment contract. How to know a quality SEO service?

First we should refer to the projects and websites that a unit has implemented SEO, we need to pay attention to the implementation time, the keywords that the website has topped and kept the top. Note that these keywords must have a fair level of competition, ie, have customers searching and have high conversions.

Next we need to refer to the content of the SEO article that the unit deploys, so that we can understand the mindset as well as how to deploy a standard SEO article of that unit. Usually, units deploy quality SEO services in many fields, it can be said in all fields.

There are fields that require highly specialized knowledge in order to bring quality content, so that the new article has a quality audience and keeps the TOP for a long time. Units can combine with experts to get the article in accordance with the most focused content.

There are content spamming units, ie content mainly with very messy keywords, providing no value to the reader in order to deceive the Google engine. These articles still get high positions somehow, but there will come a time when there will be more quality, more valuable articles and will obviously push these worthless articles down. So we have to be alert, check the content of the article carefully, this article is valuable or not.

The number of quality backlinks, To check this part we need to have specialized backlink checker tools, some popular tools such as SEOquake (free sale), Ahref (paid), … These tools will statistics and evaluate for us the quality of backlinks as well as the number of keywords that have ranked TOP.

Because a quality Backlink will help the keyword keep the top for a long time. If we check and we see all spam backlinks, today we may be in high rankings but next week, next month will not see that keyword on the high position anymore.

Thus, a quality SEO service not only helps the Website have a high ranking, but also helps the website keep that ranking for a long time.
Vietnam SEO services

Vietnam keyword SEO service

In Ho Chi Minh City, it is not uncommon for units to deploy SEO services. Most of these units perform very well (a few are vice versa), it is not difficult to find these units, for example, we can search. keywords such as "web SEO service",' SEO service tphcm", "keyword SEO service"… then select the top units of TOP Google to contact for quotation and implementation, but there is a price It is not cheap at these top units (because they have confirmed the quality and prestige with the most difficult keywords "SEO services" in the first position).

To get an SEO service at a more affordable price, we can search with longer keywords, for example: cheap SEO service, keyword SEO service package, keyword SEO service tphcm, ... But the thing that comes with the price is still the quality and prestige that we need to put first.

The process of implementing a keyword SEO service in Ho Chi Minh City of Viet SEO
These names are the basic steps of an SEO service deployment process.
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Overall Ho Chi Minh City SEO service

Overall SEO is to bring all the product and service keywords that we are doing business to the top, create brand coverage of all keywords, so that when Customers search for any keywords related to the industry We all have our own websites.

Overall SEO is the highest realm of SEO, so that whenever customers mention this industry, they have to mention us. For example, when it comes to office furniture, we immediately mention Hoa Phat (because Hoa Phat's product coverage is almost all Google).

Overall SEO is difficult, takes a very long time and serious investment. Because the value of overall SEO is so great, it is often very competitive, only a few units can do it. Usually, websites only stand and keep the top in some key keywords, rival websites will also keep in other keywords, they will compete for the keywords in the best position.

To have a better position, it is necessary to have the prestige and quality of the unit selling products and services on the website. The units often compete with each other on price very fiercely, in addition, there are sales positions such as HCM, Hanoi, Da Nang, etc.

Overall SEO needs a specific strategy for each keyword, it is better to deploy easy keywords, long keywords first, then gradually increase with more difficult keywords, conversions. higher. This implementation needs to determine a specific timeline, the number of keywords to the top is a long process and requires high patience.

At Viet SEO we commit that if it is overall SEO, all keywords in your industry will be in positions 1 - 5, important keywords are always in the top 1 or 2 (required). Committed to keeping the top for a long time and having top maintenance service comes with a price of only 10-15% of monthly SEO costs.
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